Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Why Pope Francis is the WORST: Says it's okay to be Gay

I've given up on this pope months ago. 
Besides being a flat out Communist, he's the worst fundamental pope  in the history of the Catholic church.  His beliefs are contrary to Scriptures.  And the man is leading millions into error as to what the Bible teaches.  He needs to be removed for the sake of souls being lost by his leadership.     
The Sun reports POPE Francis has told a gay man that God loves him during a private meeting, it has been claimed.
In a private dialogue, the Pontiff is understood to have told Juan Carlos Cruz, a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests, that God loves gay people and it is fine to be homosexual.
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What the Bible teaches about homosexuality is crystal clear.  Homosexuality is sin!  End of discussion!  No gray area.  God does not make homosexuals they CHOSE to be that way.  Pope Francis is a disgrace! 

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