Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mets Three-Headed GM a Mistake by Inept Owner Jeff Wilpon

Typical Mets!  

 With the sudden departure of Mets GM Sandy Alderson to address his health emergency, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon was given an opportunity to right a sinking ship that is the Mets.  Instead of choosing a new GM from within the organization, he instead sets up a GM by committee approach of Alderson's top lieutenants: John Ricco, Omar Minaya and JP DePodesto. 

This is a recipe for disaster! 

The Mets need to make some hard decisions to salvage the season or back up the truck and start the umpteenth rebuilding program.  Such decisions should be made by one guy firmly in control with a vision for the future.  Not three visions vying for recognition.  By setting up a three-headed monster, accountability for any decision will be nowhere to be found.  This does a disservice to the organization and suffering Mets fans.      

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