Monday, July 30, 2018

Liberal pundits greatly exaggerating talk of Trump's demise

Trump is keeping his campaign promises and achieving great success. 
It's not media created success like what happened with Barack Obama.  It's "real world" success: lower unemployment, high GDP, new jobs and new businesses being created.  That's what a real leader who know what he's doing does.

KYLE SMITH writing for Fox News:

This time they’ve surely got him. Pack your bags, Mr. President. The game is up. Because this week we learned that . . . that . . . well, there’s this tape, see, recorded by Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen in September of 2016, during which the then-presidential candidate discussed setting up a company for the purpose of paying off alleged former paramour Karen McDougal to make her go away.

Did Trump and Cohen actually pay her off? No, but . . . but . . . c’mon, it would have been a campaign-finance violation! If it had happened. Or it was sort of a campaign-finance violation once removed, because the company that owns the National Enquirer paid for the rights to the McDougal story but then never ran anything on it, and maybe Trump knew about this!

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