Friday, August 3, 2018

BOOM! Trump Approval at 50% — 5 POINTS HIGHER THAN OBAMA at Same Point in His Presidency

President Obama was and still continues to be a media-created myth. 
He never understood the economy and he didn't care.  President Trump does understand it and knows how to get it going.  Why elect a Democrat ever again? 
GatewayPundit reports despite the continued media anti-Trump hysterics over the past several months including the meltdown after President Trump said kind words to Vlad Putin — the US president’s approval rating continues to rise.
President Trump’s approval rating is currently at 50% on Rasmussen Reports.

Media darling Barack Obama had an approval rating of 45% on August 2, 2010.
President Trump is now 5 points ahead of Barack Obama at a similar point in his presidency.
And this is while 90% of network media coverage has been negative of President Trump.

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