Saturday, August 25, 2018

Homo-Erotic Hazing at FDNY says rookie firefighter in lawsuit

I don't know what goes on in a firehouse.
  But, this may be a tradition thing in the FDNY that should've stayed in the ranks.  But, the snowflake generation is different.
NY Post reports a black FDNY rookie says he was “terrified” that a fellow firefighter would rape him after a homoerotic hazing by naked Bravest, explosive court papers reveal.

Firefighter Gordon Springs, 28, said in a deposition filed in court how he was “sexually assaulted” and humiliated on May 4, 2015, his first day at Ladder Co. 35/Engine Co. 40 near Lincoln Center, a squad dubbed The Cavemen.

Springs and three other probies fresh out of the Fire Academy were ushered to the gym where firefighter Peter Grillo “gave me an aggressive push” and whispered, “This house is really gay,” Springs said

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