Friday, August 17, 2018

Young Liberal Couple on bicycle trek to prove there is no such thing as Evil killed by ISIS

It's not unusual for Libs to believe there is no such thing as Evil. 
It just doesn't fit their pie-in-the-sky worldview.  But, Evil is very much real and this couple paid for such disbelief with their lives.
Jerusalem Post reports an idealistic young couple, Jay Austin and Lauren Geogehan, both in their late 20s, were among four cyclists killed in Tajikistan in July in an attack ISIS claimed responsibility for, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

Austin and Geogehan, who quit their hectic office jobs in Washington, DC, were on the trip of their lives, enjoying “more peaceful pedaling through gorgeous landscapes, more sleeping in open fields under clear skies, more quiet sunsets, more friendly people, more adventure and, importantly, more time together too, living life on simpler, more meaningful terms,” their blog reads.

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