Sunday, October 21, 2018

Blue wave hope ebbs as GOP rebounds

I very much believe the GOP will hold the House a lot easier than the conventional wisdom says. 
The country's economic conditions is much improved despite the mainstream media's failure to acknowledge it.  What would be the rationale for voters wanting to reject that and go back to Obama malaise?   
San Francisco Chronicle reports Democratic hopes for a wave election that would carry them to a significant House majority have been tempered in recent weeks amid a shifting political landscape and a torrent of hard-hitting attack ads from Republicans.

Democrats remain favored to win, but GOP leaders believe they can minimize the number of seats they would lose - and, perhaps, find a path to preserving their advantage in the chamber.

The tightening, with just over two weeks left, reflects how President Donald Trump's rising approval rating and the polarizing fight over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh appear to be boosting the party's candidates in a number of conservative and rural districts that have been considered up for grabs.

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