Monday, October 8, 2018

Making History: Brett Kavanaugh is the first member of the Supreme Court to hire an all-female class of law clerks

If Brett Kavanaugh were a Liberal Democrat, CNN and MSNBC would be singing his praises non-stop of what a great guy he was for hiring all female law clerks for the first time in the history of the supreme court. 
But, since he's not and a white man to boot he deserves to be killed and hung by the nearest tree.  That's how ridiculous radical Democrat are.
AOL News reports Brett Kavanaugh ascended to the U.S. Supreme Court on Saturday over the widespread objections of women across the country — and one of his first actions was to install an all-female staff.

Kavanaugh’s four law clerks on the Supreme Court are all women, the New York Times reported Sunday, which is a first for the high court. Women also now make up the majority of Supreme Court law clerks for the first time in the court’s history.

Kavanaugh’s hiring decision follows through on a statement he made during his second Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, in which he testified on allegations of sexual assault against him by professor Christine Blasey Ford. Kavanaugh pointed to his record of hiring female law clerks to defend his respect of women, noting that of the law clerks he had provisionally hired to work for him on the Supreme Court, “all four are women.”

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