Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trump rightly rips GOP establishment Pajama Boy Paul Ryan over birthright citizenship

If there's a crystal clear example why Donald Trump emerged as the GOP nominee, Paul Ryan and his cowardice is it. 
Ryan personifies the GOP establishment: feckless, PC-obsessed, sacred to fight Democrats on tough issues, and no intestinal fortitude.  Donald Trump is tough minded while Paul Ryan is scared of his own shadow on a cloudy day.  Trump is adored by the GOP base while Ryan is loathed for being a wimp.
CNBC reports President Donald Trump on Wednesday ripped Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis., a day after Ryan said the president could not eliminate birthright citizenship with an executive order. The comments come just six days before the midterm elections.

"Paul Ryan should be focusing on holding the Majority rather than giving his opinions on Birthright Citizenship, something he knows nothing about!" the president said. "Our new Republican Majority will work on this, Closing the Immigration Loopholes and Securing our Border!"
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