Monday, October 15, 2018

Unfair advantage?: Transgender Woman Becomes First Ever World Champion in Women’s Cycling

Dr. Rachel McKinnon is the one in the middle

This is ridiculous! 
Transgender women have been winning athletics events in various sports throughout the country.  But, these sexually altered men have a distinct physically advantage over normal women.  They need to be in their own events for the completion to be fair and legitimate.    
Gateway Pundit reports Dr. Rachel McKinnon became the first ever transgender world champion in a womens cycling event this weekend.

She whooped them little girls.

The other thing that makes this incident particularly interesting is that McKinnon believes that men who identity as women should not be required to take testosterone suppressing hormones (let alone have gender reassignment surgery) in order to participate in women’s athletic competitions.
Rachel gives lectures on transgender inclusion in sports.

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