Sunday, November 18, 2018

Caravan meets hostility in Tijuana by Mexicans: 'Go back to your country!'

These invaders were offered health care, employment by the Mexican government, and they refused the offer.  What does that say?
Washington Times reports many of the nearly 3,000 Central American migrants who have reached the Mexican border with California via caravan said they do not feel welcome in the city of Tijuana, where hundreds more migrants are headed after more than a month on the road.

The vast majority were camped at an outdoor sports complex, sleeping on a dirt baseball field and under bleachers with a view of the steel walls topped by barbed wire at the newly reinforced U.S.-Mexico border. The city opened the complex after other shelters were filled to capacity. Church groups provided portable showers, bathrooms and sinks. The federal government estimates the migrant crowd in Tijuana could soon swell to 10,000.

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