Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Trump Foundation agrees to dissolve, NYS AG conveniently ignores crimes committed by Clinton Foundation

Hack AG

President Trump was in the process of winding down his charitable foundation since becoming president. 
What this hack attorney general for New York is is doing is grabbing cheap headline that's all about politics.  Meanwhile this same office has refused to investigate millions of dollars raised by the Clinton Foundation in the aftermath of earthquakes in Haiti that never got to the island. And Clinton Foundation funds used to pay for Chelsea Clinton's wedding.  
ABC News reports President Trump’s embattled charitable foundation has agreed to dissolve itself under judicial supervision as part of a lawsuit brought by New YorkAttorney General Barbara Underwood.
The Trump Foundation had previously sought to dissolve on its own terms but has now signed a stipulation that requires it to do so with monitoring by the court and oversight by the attorney general’s office, which must review and approve disbursements of remaining funds to make sure the recipients are legitimate.
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