Saturday, January 26, 2019

It doesn't matter what Ann Coulter thinks about Trump, she's unstable

For a long time I wondered about Ann Coulter's stability and now I'm convinced she needs help. 
Her reaction to Trump agreeing to a three week cool down in negotiations with Democrat is over the top. 

In her constant gripes about Trump, Ann never takes into account that the GOP never  had Trump's back even when they controlled both houses of Congress.  That's a hell of an obstacle for him to overcome. 

Coulter cares more about clicks to her website than being a team player.  That's my beef with Coulter!  When she goes off half-cocked slinging arrows at Trump the mainstream media is all too to twist the knife.

I wouldn't want Ann Coulter in my foxhole.  She's too selfish to be any good! 


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