Thursday, February 14, 2019

Trump to sign spending bill and still rightly declares national emergency to get border wall built

We're currently living under 38 state of emergencies declared by past presidents going back to Jimmy Carter.
  Adding one more won't be the end of the world and President Trump has every right to do it.    
Fox News reports the House of Representatives on Thursday night approved the border security package to avert another government shutdown that was passed overwhelmingly by the Senate earlier in the day -- even as another legal showdown looms over the White House's plan to declare a national emergency to secure more wall funding.

The legislation passed in the Senate by a 83-16 vote, and secured House passage by a 300-128 vote later with mixed support from Democrats and Republicans in the evening. The bill is set to head to President Trump's desk within the hour, following a so-called "enrollment ceremony" in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., formally sends it to the White House.

The agreement provides almost $1.4 billion for new barriers along the nation's southern boundary with Mexico. That's less than the $1.6 billion for border security in a bipartisan Senate bill that Trump spurned months ago, and far short of the $5.7 billion Trump has long requested. It's enough for building just 55 miles of barricades, not the 200-plus miles he'd sought.

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