Sunday, March 24, 2019

Game-Set-Match: Mueller found no Trump collusion with Russia, not enough evidence for obstruction: Barr

This was a bullshit allegation made by the Democrat Party, a corrupt mainstream media, and unethical members of the FBI and DOJ. 
Now, is the time tp gp after the real lawbreakers in the DOJ and former Obama officials like James Comey that got this whole fraud started.  

NY Post reports Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia — and he didn’t uncover enough evidence to justify charging Trump with obstruction of justice, according to a letter Sunday from Attorney General William Barr.
Barr’s hotly anticipated letter to Congress summarized the key findings of the report that Mueller submitted Friday upon wrapping up his 22-month probe.

Barr’s revelations dashed the dreams of Democrats who boldly predicted the Mueller probe would doom Trump’s presidency and lead to criminal charges against him — and prompted the commander-in-chief to declare he’d been vindicated following “an illegal takedown that failed.”

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  1. Well, how about that. Trump is correct and Limbaugh is correct.
    How about that.