Thursday, April 18, 2019

Franklin Graham wrongly condemns Randall Terry's 'Sodom and Gomorrah' protest against Pete Buttigieg

I'm a an admirer of Franklin Graham and often I agree with most everything he says. 

However, in this case he's dead wrong to condemn somebody else's constitutional rights of free speech and protest.  Pete Buttigieg is a big boy and he doesn’t need somebody like Franklin Graham to defend him.  In fact, Graham should have joined Randall Terry in yelling, " Sodom and Gomorrah!"   

How is that a slur? 

It is not!  Brother Graham really needs to rethink his actions and who he defends.  The last thing we need is a prominent Christian like Franklin Graham defending a homosexual candidate for president.  We have too much of that already with weak pastors in the body of Christ failing to say what needs to be said and that's why America is in the situation she's in.   

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