Thursday, April 18, 2019

Man With Two Full Gas Cans Arrested After Entering St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Sick Son of a Bitch!   Great work by the St. Pat's security team.  This could have gone real bad if they weren't there.
NY Times reports a 37-year-old New Jersey man (see photo )carrying a pair of full two-gallon cans of gasoline was arrested on Wednesday night after entering St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, the police said.

The man entered the cathedral just before 8 p.m. but was turned away by a church security officer, according to John Miller, the Police Department’s deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism. As the man exited, some gasoline spilled on the floor.

The security officer then notified two police officers outside the cathedral, who caught up to the man and began to question him. While he was cooperative, his answers were inconsistent and evasive, Mr. Miller said at a news conference.

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