Thursday, April 11, 2019

Plenty to hide Democrats upset AG Barr investigating Obama regime spying on Trump presidential campaign

How do you like them apples, Democrats?

Here's the deal.  The Russian collusion probe was a witch hunt from day one.  It was reported as such by Fox and the conservative media. 

Meanwhile the mainstream media reported it as if it was true and now they are being hoisted by their own petard.  The real purpose the Mueller probe was to divert attention away from the real collusion between Hillary Clinton and the Russians that resulted in them attaining 25% of US Uranium reserves. 

And in addition to all that, a cabal at the DOJ and FBI made sure Hillary escaped from justice while simultaneously seeking a coup on the Trump presidency.  Attorney General is planning on connecting all the dots to set right which was wrong in our justice system.       


  1. listening to the libs on radio and t.v. two things become clear.
    1) they STILL have not gotten over trump's defeating hillary.
    they appear to be so emotionally invested in a clinton presidency that any other outcome is seen as an illusion, fraud, and not reality.
    2) since their first, best effort at reversing the 2016 election has failed, they are flailing about trying to divert attention from possible criminal investigations/charges of the leaders of the witch hunt, and to find another scapegoat to hang their failure on.

    it is becoming more and more clear to more americans that the "elliet" of the democratic party are at least slightly unhinged and are stubbornly refusing to :"get over it and move on"

  2. It's time for the media to be exposed and investigate the investigators.