Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Video: Dumbest woman in Congress: Maxine Waters chairwoman of the powerful House financial serves committee did not know that banks have been out of student loan business since 2010

Rep. Maxine Waters of California solidified her moniker as the Dumbest woman in Congress by embarrassing herself in front of America's top banking CEOs.  You'd think as chairwoman of the House's financial services committee she should've known that the Obama regime nationalized the student loan business in 2010.  But, that;s expecting too much from Mad Maxine.     


  1. At least she was smart enough to suddenly declare her time being up before she started a 3rd stupid question. This has been a bad month for the Left. Mueller fails. Barr says he's going to start looking at he FISA corruption and Leaks. Minuchin schools Maxine on decorum and how to use her gavel then declines any further "invitations" of the Committee. Maxine now gets PWNed by the babk heads. And Minuchin just popped up again telling the Dems he's not going to give them Trumps tax returns (yet). Im running out of popcorn...

    1. MW is a hack politician that could never survice if she had to get a real job.