Sunday, May 19, 2019

Black voters given marching orders to robotically back Biden a long time ago

It's no mystery when this happens. 
The candidate that is the choice of the Democrat establishment is also the one Black voters support.  The establishment doesn't want Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or the rest of the crowded field, for now.  However, this can change after the primaries start.  In 2007 after Barack Obama won the Iowa Caucus Black support switch overnight from Hillary to Obama.    

Daily Beast reports on Jan. 12, 2017, a very moving and apparently unexpected tribute from President Barack Obama for Vice President Joe Biden played out live before television cameras, when he awarded his former rival-turned running mate-turned trusted adviser and friend the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Much of the country was still reeling from Trump’s win, and millions would be stunned just eight days later by the bizarre conjuring of “American carnage" in a gloomy, divisive inaugural address. 

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