Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Brian Kolfage’s Private Border Wall Hit With Cease And Desist Order from Democrat Mayor who doesn't want border wall

This is what Leftists who control government power live for! 
It doesn't matter to them the country needs a border wall.
Daily Caller reports the half-mile private border wall that sprung up over Memorial Day weekend was hit with a cease and desist order Tuesday for being built in violation of a Sunland Park, New Mexico, city ordinance.

The wall, built near El Paso, Texas, by a nonprofit organization funded by triple-amputee Airforce veteran Brian Kolfage’s viral $20 million GoFundMe fundraising campaign, didn’t obtain a building permit prior to breaking ground, Sunland Park city officials told KTS

“We have issued a cease and desist to the owner of the property,” Sunland Park Democratic Mayor Javier Perea said at a press conference Tuesday. “At this point, it will be turned over to the courts for follow up in the matter.”

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