Thursday, May 16, 2019

Man who turned New York into Homeless Camp Bill de Blasio is running for Democrat nomination Start laughing

What Bill de Blasio is doing is a pure money grab for him and his wife to buy more weed.
  Any dime he collects from whoever is foolish enough to donate to his campaigns, he gets to keep under election rules.  Don't fall for it!  
NY Post reports He’s late—again.

After nearly half a year of hemming and hawing, Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday entered the 2020 presidential race, becoming the 23rd Democrat to join the jam-packed field.

The termed-out politician, known for his habitual tardiness, finally decided to run after five months of toying with a White House bid.

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  1. NYC residents will do anything to get this clown out of town and have him stop breathing their air. they elect these clowns now they don't want to drink the kool aid????