Thursday, May 2, 2019

New York Times spins a story F.B.I. Sent "Spy" Posing as Asst to Meet With Trump Aide in 2016 to set up Trump-Russia collusion hoax

This is how the New York Times headline should have read because it is what actually happed. 
This article that appeared in the NY Times is pure propaganda!  It's a misstating of events meant to protect DOJ corruption ordered by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Don't fall for the lies!  The key fact to know is that the FBI set George Papadopoulos up to get the Trump-Russia collusion story into the news cycle.

TheFake News-NY Times reports the conversation at a London bar in September 2016 took a strange turn when the woman sitting across from George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign adviser, asked a direct question: Was the Trump campaign working with Russia?

The woman had set up the meeting to discuss foreign policy issues. But she was actually a government investigator posing as a research assistant, according to people familiar with the operation. The F.B.I. sent her to London as part of the counterintelligence inquiry opened that summer to better understand the Trump campaign’s links to Russia.

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