Saturday, June 22, 2019

Historic Catholic marker deemed 'racist symbol' removed by University of The People's Republic of California at Santa Cruz

This state is so far gone radical it's literately becoming a shithole state. 
California gives you 40% of the population near the poverty line, high crime, shit on streets, out of control homeless, typhoid breakout out in LA, and all under the control of Democrats.  And they think it's still a paradise among the aroma of shit.  No wonder the middle class is leaving in droves.     

Fox News reports a university in California removed a historical symbol from its campus Friday in an effort to be “more inclusive” after a years-long campaign by Native American community members argued the marker highlighted a period of racism in the state

The El Camino Real Bell was removed from the University of California Santa Cruz after administrators had several discussions with members of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and other community members who felt that the bell marker glorified a period of time when Spanish missionaries dehumanized their ancestors and culture and enslaved those who converted to Christianity

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That bell was really bothering people that much?  These Libs are emotional cripples.  That's the problem. 


  1. The bell is a Hispanic symbol, therefor can not be racist, Only symbols put up by White Christian Males can be racist.

    1. That's so lame they feel that way. Emotional cripples is the best way to describe them.

  2. That's a good point. Next they'll want to change the names of the cities.