Sunday, June 9, 2019

Laura Yeager to make history as first woman to command Army infantry division

Bravo, Laura!  I think this is a great thing, good for her.
NY Post reports Brigadier General Laura Yeager, a former Black Hawk pilot who served in Iraq, will make history June 29th when she becomes the first woman to command an Army infantry division.

Yeager, who grew up in a military family, was commissioned a second lieutenant while serving in California State University’s ROTC program in 1986, ABC news reported.

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  1. BFD, comman of a guard unit. Meaningless at best as it's purely an admin position within the state. On a real divisional sized deployment, the AC steps in and actually commands. Think about this, kids..... an MSC officer 67J in command of an infantry division. Never happen in the real world. This is just a publicity stunt.

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