Thursday, June 13, 2019

Master Media Manipulator: Trump's revelation that he would accept dirt on candidate from foreign power sets media for a credibility hit

A lot of folks were wringing their hands saying Trump made a serious mistake admitting he would listen to a foreign power if they had any dirt on a candidate. 

The screeching  started immediately!

All the broadcast networks and the cables couldn't stop talking about it.  Trump is admitting to collusion with a foreign power to fix an election!  You see!  You see!  He's guilty!  It was all a bunch of noise signifying nothing. 

Trump knew exactly what he was doing.  He knew how the media was going to react and run with it because they can't help themselves.  The outrage has been duly noted and Trump has a record of what everyone said.  So, why does this matter? 

It very much matters because there are two investigations going on, the IG of the DOJ and the U.S. attorney that has been assigned to investigate the investigators.  When the results of those probes are finally revealed to the public, we're going to find out how high ranking officials of Obama's DOJ actually colluded with foreign powers to spy on the Trump campaign.  It won't be a theory, it will real people like James Comey and others who committed real crimes.  When that happens the media won't have any where to go because Trump can pull out all the ire they exhibited for what Trump only talked about.           

It's going to be fun to watch!     


  1. As long as it can be proven it is true then who cares where it came from. We regularly get new stories from abroad with peoples antics. Do we not prosecute them for the crimes that they raise. Never seen anyone use the it was a foreign media that released the story to get away with a crime.

  2. Trump plays the media like a fiddle he knows exactly what he was doing he set them up big time