Sunday, June 2, 2019

Trump calls London mayor Khan ‘the twin of de Blasio, except shorter’

London mayor sucks
New York mayor sucks just as bad

Exactly the point I made earlier about the two leftist mayors. 
Both are ruining their respective cities with increase of crime, homeless and deteriorating quality life.
NY Post reports President Donald Trump lashed out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Sunday night — by comparing him to a “shorter” version of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The president made the remarks ahead of his flight to London, where he said has no intention to meet with Khan — who recently called Trump a “global threat.”

“No, I don’t think much of him,” Trump told reporters of Khan outside the White House Sunday. “I think he’s, he’s the twin of de Blasio, except shorter.”

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  1. Ah there must be something redeeming about these men. Give me a decade or so to think of something.