Saturday, June 1, 2019

Trump Nominee Michael S. Bogren Defends His Argument Against Catholic Farmer Who Would Not Host Same-Sex Weddings

It's a boiler plate analogy that often gets used in same sex wedding court battles. 
For the record, I said with the Catholic er.
CNS News reports President Donald Trump has nominated to a federal judgeship a lawyer who argued in court against a Catholic farmer who would not allow same-sex weddings to take place on his farm because same-sex marriage violates his Catholic beliefs.
Michael S. Bogren, the lawyer in question, represented the City of East Lansing, Mich., against the farmer, Steve Tennes.
In a document presented in court, Bogren equated a Catholic refusing to allow a same-sex wedding on his farm to a KKK member refusing to allow an interracial wedding.

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  1. Nope, not a good argument. He needs to come up with something better.