Monday, July 8, 2019

Controversial Teen Craze Spreads Like Wildfire Before Huge Parental Backlash Ignites

Music trends come and go.  I think the problem arising now is more about poor parenting. 

Mentalflare  reports Music has brought people together since long before we had genres, recordings, or even proper instruments. Something about a bopping beat or a tender tune awakes emotions in us that we want to share with each other, even if there are no words involved. No matter what style you like, there’s a community for you

In fact, that music community can grow to become a subculture that unites millions of people around an inspiring message, even if it’s simply “dance ’til you drop and forget the rest.” But when children started immersing themselves in a world of aggressive dance and hard-core drugs, parents wondered if a certain music craze had finally gone too far.

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