Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Iran says We will enrich uranium to ‘any amount we want’ Looking for an ass kicking: by US

Unlike many conservative commentators, I'm fully onboard with a military attack on Iran.
  We owe them for gallons of spilled American blood.  And it's our failure to deal with them that gives Iran the boldness to act the way they act.  
NY Post reports Iran’s president warned European partners in its faltering nuclear deal on Wednesday that Tehran will increase its enrichment of uranium to “any amount that we want” beginning on Sunday, putting pressure on them to offer a way around intense U.S. sanctions targeting the country.

The comments by President Hassan Rouhani come as tensions remain high between Iran and the U.S. over the deal, which President Donald Trump pulled America from over a year ago.

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  1. JCPOA is a dead letter, because the US withdrew from it, and the Euorpeans reneged on their commitments. So, there are no treaty limits on how much enriched uranium and heavy water Iran can possess. That is simple law. The US cannot withdraw from a treaty and demand the other signatories obey it.

    Iran has been abiding by the treaty limits hoping that the Europeans will eventually live up to their promises. So far they haven't.

    JCPOA and NPT both grant Iran the right to enrich uranium and produce heavy water for peaceful purposes. Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, and IAEA all agree that Iran was abiding by the JCPOA. Only America's own treasonous neocons say otherwise. And they work for a foreign, hostile power.