Saturday, July 13, 2019

Sex toy pastor Rev. Dr. Amy Butler at NYC Riverside Church gets to pocket 500K after getting fired

Nice work if you can get it! 
Libs take care of their own.  This church was founded by the Rockefellers and I'm pretty sure the Rockefeller Foundation still funds it today.   

NY Post reports Riverside Church’s outgoing female pastor is set to receive an exit package worth at least half a million dollars — after leaving her job amid allegations she bought an employee an unwanted $200 vibrator while on a work trip, The Post has learned.

The Rev. Dr. Amy Butler — who made $250,000 a year as the first woman to lead the historic congregation — will leave with 12 months’ salary, a six-month housing allowance worth $48,000 and annual retirement contributions of $59,000 for three years, according to her contract.

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