Sunday, July 28, 2019

Trump offering GOP a master class on how to fight Democrats : Criticizing Rep. Cummings and Baltimore

It all started with a little ole' tweet on a Saturday morning. 
Trump took to twitter calling Rep. Elijah Cummings a "bully" and knocking him for criticizing the work of our brave men and women of ICE and our border agents at our Southern Border.  Trump could have stopped right there and it would have been legitimate pushback against Cummings's ravings about alleged poor conditions for "illegal aliens" being detained in facilities built by the Obama administration. 

But, Trump didn't stop there!

He also went on to say that Baltimore, a city that has been run by Democrats for years, a city that lies in Rep. Cummings congressional district, suffers from much worse conditions than anything happening at the border!    


This is why Trump won the GOP nomination and the general election for president.  He refuses to operate in the realm of political correctness that binds other Republicans ineffective!  Under PC rules one cannot criticize a person of color for anything they do or not do because the criticism is based on racism.  It scares too many Republicans, including NeverTrumpers, into silence and acquiescence of accepting he Leftists agenda.  (See George Will and Bill Kristol)    

Trump has no fear of being called a racist which is the first step of shattering the shackles of political correctness.  And that's the way it should be and GOPers need to learn that lesson because PC is antithetical to free speech.  Isn't that what America suppose to be? 

Put Democrats on the defensive and make them explain why there's a shooting massacre in Chicago every weekend, why are there mounds of human feces in the streets of San Francisco, why is there a Typhoid breaking out in downtown Los Angeles,  why did Detroit go bankrupt, why are thugs throwing buckets of water on police in New York and why can't Baltimore get rid of rats?     

What do all these places have in common?  All are run by Democrats for decades.  If the Dems can't successfully run cities how can they be trusted to run a country?  Trump wants to freely have that debate as part of the 2020 campaign for president.  He's kicking PC to the curb and giving free speech a chance.  That's America, isn't it?         

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