Tuesday, August 13, 2019

‘Fredo unhinged’ T-shirts released by Trump campaign to mock Cuomo

You'd think Cuomo being in the public eye would know how to handle a heckler. 
He actually made it worse for himself because he's going to face an avalanche of "Fredo" taunts whenever he shows in the public.
NY Post reports it was an opportunity the Trump reelection campaign couldn’t refuse.

President Trump’s 2020 campaign wasted no time Tuesday in selling “Fredo Unhinged” T-shirts to piggyback on the controversy over CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s unhinged viral video rant.

For $34, Trump supporters can get a T-shirt with unflattering screen grabs of the host from the video where he rages against a man who called the anchor “Fredo.”

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo is Fredo!” the Trump campaign shop says of the “limited edition” T-shirt that went live at 3:45 p.m. Tuesday.

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