Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Inconvenient Truth: Dayton shooter Connor Betts described himself as a Trump-hating 'leftist' Elizabeth Warren supporter, gun control advocate now-suspended social media accounts show

The corrupt media's attempt to portray the Ohio shooter as a Trump-supporting white supremacist is blowing up in the eri faces.
Daily Mail reports Dayton gunman Connor Betts described himself as a 'leftist' who demanded socialism and was pro-gun control, according to his now-suspended Twitter account. 

The Twitter account believed to belong to the 24-year-old gunman, who shot dead nine people including his own sister on Sunday, regularly retweeted extreme left-wing posts and expressed hatred for President Donald Trump. 

His social media posts often showed support for Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as he called for a 'revolution' against the rich.

Some of his retweets condemned police and applauded Antifa protesters, while others encouraged people to cut fences of immigration detention centers and showed disdain for ICE agents. 

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