Sunday, August 25, 2019

Joe who?: Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh announces Republican challenge to Trump Okay, start laughing

Joe Walsh is a nobody former one-term congressman who spends all his time sending out anti-Trump tweets.  He's never accomplished anything in his life of significance.  But, he's a fav of the NeverTrumper set, a very small group that makes up the conservative intelligentsia.  Trump has over 94% support in the Republican Party.  So, Walsh's announcement is dead on arrival.
The Hill reports former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) on Sunday announced he would mount a primary challenge to President Trump.

The conservative radio host unveiled his campaign on ABC's "This Week."

"We've got a guy in the White House who is unfit, completely unfit to be president, and it stuns me that nobody stepped up, nobody in the Republican Party stepped up, because I'll tell you what, George, everybody believes in the Republican party, everybody believes that he's unfit," Walsh told ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

"He lies every time he opens his mouth." 

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  1. And yet another fine piece of Koch-sucking Rove Republican sewage.

  2. Asked on another forum - is he really a "conservative" or just yet another never Trumper?

  3. Walsh is a joke. Total lightweight.

  4. I thought it was the guy from the Eagles. Turns out to be another cookie cutter repub with Delusions of Beto.