Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Mentally challenged FBI official Frank Figliuzzi says Trump’s half-mast flag order has neo-Nazi symbolism

This clown, Frank Figliuzzi, is not to be taken seriously. 
It's a disgrace he's even getting air time.  But, this is the low caliber of our corrupt media and especially MSNBC.  
NY Post reports a former FBI official floated a theory on MSNBC that neo-Nazis may be heartened by President Trump’s order to fly the nation’s flags at half-staff through Thursday evening to commemorate the victims of this past weekend’s mass shootings.
Frank Figliuzzi, now a national security analyst for the cable news channel, said the shorthand version of the Aug. 8 end date for Trump’s proclamation can be interpreted as a coded salute to Adolf Hitler.
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  1. The (il)logic is strong with this one...............nothing else need be said.

  2. I remember having a lot of respect for the FBI....

  3. Something must be in the water at FBI offices.

  4. The FBI has not had any honor since at least Whitey Bulger. They KNEW he was murdering people, but did NOTHING to stop him.. And even worse, the DoJ knew he had murdered people but instead charged four INNOCENT men with those murders and refused to let those mens' lawyers discover the evidence they had. Those men were convicted and spent years in jail as a result. And then there was Ruby Ridge, and Waco, and Hutaree militia, and Senator Stevens, and Malheur and Bundy ranch. The stench is overwhelming. And do not forget they also helped BATFE with Fast and Furious and the other similar gun running operations.

  5. A friend of mine is having gall bladder surgery today. Does that make her a Nazi, or the surgeon who scheduled the procedure a Nazi?

  6. I spent a dozen years in government service. Never underestimate the cupidity and stupidity of government upper management. They don't get those positions with superior competence. They get those positions with brown-nosing and political shenanigans.