Friday, August 16, 2019

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner is the most dangerous man in America

A district attorney is supposed to enforce the law and put criminals behind bars to protect law-abiding citizens of a city. 
It's a pretty straight forward job description.  But, Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner has a very different view of what his job should be and it puts Philadelphians at great risk.

Krasner is a radical Leftist who believes his job is to keep criminals on the streets and out of prison even when they commit crimes.  Let that sink in for a moment. 

A person like this has no business being a DA.  A defense lawyer?  Yes, that's what they do and what he used to be.  But, he got elected DA in a low turnout election and the people of greater Philadelphia have a immense problem.   

It gets worse!  Krasner actually believes people of color should not be charged with the crimes they commit because they live in a racist society that compels them to commit crimes.  Let that sink in for a few more moments.  

Larry Krasner is a criminal's  best friend and a nightmare for decent people.    

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  1. Here's "rayyyyycist" for you = do you meaning you judge others based on the color of their skin or their actions no matter what color they are? And then have you heard ANYONE proclaiming their "color" as reason for any-damn thing? I sure have. So who's the racist? Sure not me for I don't give a hoot what "color" you are nor will I ever care. I do care what's between your ears and what actions you commit. No matter what color you are.