Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Progressive Stupidity: Bill De Blasio seeks to scrap gifted students program too many White and Asian students, not enough diversity

This is how Liberals destroy public schools. 
Instead of forcing black and Latino kids to step up their academic skills, they seek to wipe away the hard work of others who are in gifted programs.  This is wrongheaded and very short-sighted.  It punishes the achievers and rewards the slackers.  Everybody loses when progressives run the show!   

NY Post reports a school-diversity panel created by Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to junk the gifted-and-talented programs and other forms of academic screening in city schools.

Arguing that such programs perpetuate racial inequality because they’re comprised mostly of white and Asian students, the School Diversity Advisory Group called on de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza to ditch the current G&T system, according to recommendations released Monday.

The panel also recommended tossing academic admissions screening for middle schools and most high schools.

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