Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Trashing 2nd amendment right: Biden warns gun owners he’ll be coming for their firearms ‘if you have an assault weapon’

So let me get this straight.  Two deranged guys go on a shooting spree and law abiding gun owners get their guns taken away? 
That's not goona fly, Joe!
Fox News reports the horrific mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton that left 31 people dead and dozens more injured have thrust the issue of gun violence into the center of the 2020 presidential campaign -- with calls growing louder in the Democratic field for the return of an assault-weapons ban

Many in the record-setting field of two-dozen Democratic White House hopefuls already supported the ban, but the weekend tragedies have emboldened those calls as candidates highlight and in some cases build upon their gun control platforms.
Primary front-runner Joe Biden went so far Monday as to say he's coming for those guns.

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  1. Good thing few - if any - of us have "assault weapons" - particularly so since there is really No Such Thing. And not that many of us have assault rifles for that matter.