Friday, August 9, 2019

Video Biden exposed as true Racist!: Biden - ‘Poor kids’ are just as bright as ‘white kids’

I haven't heard a peep about this on my local news. 
But, had Trump or any other Republican said this, it would be on a loop 24/7.
NY Post reports Gaffe-prone presidential hopeful Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth during an Iowa campaign stop on Thursday when he told a group of predominately Asian and Hispanic voters that “poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.”
Biden committed the stunning blunder while speaking about education at a town hall with the Asian and Latino Coalition in Des Moines, where he’s campaigning and fundraising for the 2020 Democratic primary.
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  1. How is this a blunder? Telling people they are good, too, is a blunder?

    The real blunder is the blank slate assumption, but Biden's critics share that blunder and won't mention it.

  2. Biden off the teleprompter is the gift that keeps on giving.