Tuesday, September 3, 2019

AWOL Democrat Mayor: De Blasio logged a 7-hour work month at City Hall

Under this absentee mayor's leadership, New York has become a homeless camp, public schools are worse, shootings are up, and New York has become the largest public toilet in the country. 
Thanks for nothing Bill de Blasio!

NY Post reports Mayor Bill de Blasio spent a mere seven hours — less than one full workday — at City Hall during the month he launched his bid for the White House, records reviewed by The Post show.

Hizzoner showed up at his office on just six occasions in May, taking part in two meetings, four events and five phone calls, one of which was his weekly appearance on WNYC radio, according to entries on his official calendar.

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  1. Does anyone REALLY want him to spend more time there? Hasn't he done sufficient damage to the city during those seven hours???

    1. Mark, I have been telling that to my friend for months. The next mayor of NY may be even worse than De B because he or she might work ma full schedule.