Friday, September 6, 2019

How Godfather Part lll was so misunderstood Micheal's redemption from sin

When Godfather Part llll was released in the early 90s it had a lot to live up to. 
Both prior films  in the trilogy had won the academy award for best picture and had reached iconic statues among movie goers. 

But, I saw GF3 as a perfect character arch of Michael Corleone.  He was the youngest son that was never meant to be a part of the family crime business.  Don Vito wanted better for him, a legitimate life away from  criminality.  Nonetheless, circumstance plunged Michael on a different path to protect the life of his beloved father.  And later the lies of his wife and children. 

Michael Carleone became one of the most evil characters ever captured on film.  So evil, that he ordered the death of his mentally challenged brother Fredo.   For years I argued with family and friends that Michael was wrong for killing him.  He didn't have to do it.  But, Fredo's murder demonstrated just how wicked Michael had become.          

Even though Michael was such sinister person  and I hated the character for killing his brother, the power of God's salvation still was open to him.  That's how much God's loves his children.  Nobody is beyond redemption. However, even though Michael was forgiven for his numerous and awful sins, he still had to pay a heavy price by seeing his own daughter Mary killed in front him.  What he did to his brother Fredo, got paid back when Mary died in his arms. 

That's what I took out of GF3, and it was well done.    

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