Saturday, September 28, 2019

If there was such a thing as honest American Media impeachment would have no chance of moving forward

The only basis for an impeachment of a president is if he or she commits high crimes or misdemeanors.

In this case the transcript shows President Trump hasn't come close to doing any of that. But that doesn't matter because the American Media hates him so much that they have abandoned their own professionalism to set out on the course of going to get him at any cost.

The media ignores real evidence of wrongdoing committed by Joe Biden.   He in a video appears bragging about how he coerced Ukrainian officials to fire a prosecutor that was investigating his son . A son who is a former drug addict that somehow gets to sit on the board of the Ukrainian  oil and gas company .

Hunter Biden has no experience in the oil and gas field . How does he get to sit on the Ukrainian company's board when his father is in charge of Ukrainian policy?

 And that same father bribes Ukrainian officials to get a prosecutor fired?

This is evidence that's out there for the media to discuss and tell the American people but they don't do it because they're protecting Biden.

 This is  not journalism it's activism.  It's a PR firm for Democrats .  This is what the American people are tired of and they see the injustice .

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