Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Impeachment attempt on Trump will result in Democrats losing the House

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

This attempt to impeach Trump will cause Democrats in states where Trump won to lose their seats. 

So bring it on baby.


  1. We can certainly hope so...............

  2. In almost every voter category a recent poll showed that voters
    oppose the impeachment of President Trump by a margin of 2-1.
    The only three exceptions were women, non-white, and Democrats.
    Even then, 25 percent of Democrats oppose impeachment. If they
    attempt to impeach Trump, every one of their 2018 gains in red
    congressional districts will be at risk and with 25 percent of
    Democrats opposed, they may even lose the more moderate blue

    The Democrats have seen the polling numbers, so it is my contention
    that Granny McBox is trying to pull a bluff to distract Americans
    from the Democrat corruption scandal in Ukraine. McBotox bypassed
    the Constitution and House proceedures by not calling for a vote
    on the issue of impeachment. If she is afraid to put the Democrats
    on record, that tells me that she knows that any attampt to impeach
    President will be catastrophic for the treason party.

    Also, this latest hoax is falling apart before their eyes. If she
    actually calls for an impeachment vote, her party will be destroyed
    next November. And if they impeach Trump in the House, this will
    also take out a bunch of Senate Democrats.