Monday, September 9, 2019

Trump slams 'filthy mouthed' Chrissy Teigen and 'boring' John Legend for 'stealing all his credit' for new criminal justice reforms

John Legend and his ditzy wife Chrissy Teigen are both virulent Trump haters. 
He should stick to his craft and write songs and she should, eh, just look pretty.  I don't know what talent she has.   

Daily Mail reports President Donald Trump has slammed 'boring' John Legend and his 'filthy mouthed wife' Chrissy Teigen for stealing all of his credit for new criminal justice reforms in late-night Twitter war.

The president was having what Teigen called a 'meltdown' Sunday night on Twitter when he took aim at the TV host and model and her multiple Grammy award-winning husband.

Trump's tweets followed Lester Holt's NBC Nightly News segment about criminal justice reform.

The special featured Legend, who is the founder of FREEAMERICA, an organization that raises awareness for criminal justice reform. 

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