Tuesday, October 1, 2019

China unveils doomsday nuke that can strike USA in 30 minutes!

Fear not!  China knows the U.S. already has the capacity to destroy China 20 times over. 
They're the ones playing catch up. 

The Sun reports CHINA has unveiled its “ultimate doomsday weapon” during one of the nation’s biggest military parades.

The terrifying super-nuke took centre stage at a huge arms showcase held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, to mark 70 years of Communist rule.

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  1. The bigger problem is that the neocons are slowly nullifying all the arms treaties we made with the Soviet Union and Russia, removing all restrictions on the Russians. Even the monitoring agreements are going away.

  2. Current US ICBM's can already strike just about anywhere on the globe in about 30 minutes. Been that way for a long time-who is this article trying to scare? Pretty much people who have no clue.Johnny Gee

  3. But where are current US ICBMs targeted? Might be different under Trump, but my money says we didn't have any targeting China under Barry Soetoro.

  4. Will the existence of US nukes deter China in a showdown. Since liberals succeeded in largely blocking the US from building any sort of defense against nuclear missiles, the best we have is still Mutually Assured Destruction: If you massacre all of our children, we'll massacre all of yours, so there. Will that bring back our dead? No. As I'm sure the Chinese leaders have elaborate bomb shelters, do they care if millions of their subjects die? I'd guess not very much.