Saturday, November 30, 2019

Hunter Biden demands finances are kept secret in child support suit to avoid ‘embarrassment’

 It's funny how "white privilege" never seems to attach to Hunter Biden.
  He gets become a naval officer because of his father's connections.  But, he gets thrown out of the Navy because he's a drug addict.  That didn't stop  this same drug addict from being appointed to various boards again because of his father.  Hunter gets to make millions of dollars on his name alone.  How can I get that deal?  What was Hunter doing in Arkansas in the first place?  Was he hanging with Bill Clinton?   

Fox News reports Hunter Biden filed a protective order this week in an effort to seal his financial records from being released publicly -- amid his fears that the information would be used “maliciously” by the media and cause him public “embarrassment,” according to a report.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son filed the motion in Arkansas on Wednesday as part of an ongoing child support suit, according to the Daily Mail. His attorneys claim the details would be used by the media, considering his high public profile, to cause him "undue prejudice, annoyance, embarrassment, and/or oppression.

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  1. Actually, she was a stripper in Washington at a hookers and blow for the privileged facility. He was a regular there while dating his brother's widow. Too bad she wasn't a black widow....