Thursday, November 21, 2019

X22 Report: Setup Is Complete, Ukraine Comes Into Full View, Indictments Coming

·      Deep State Fake Impeachment is a big flop

·      Why Ukraine

·      Ukraine decided to investigate the head of Berisma

·      Book deals

·      Baltimore mayor indicted

·      Many other have book deals

·      Schiff changing rules on the fly

·      Schiff says a meeting is an official act

·      Witnesses don't have evidence, only opinions

·      No quid pro quo

·      MSM has pushed out fake stories daily

·      MSM headlines are wrong daily

·      MSM ca't push the narrative anymore

·      Dems won't let Mark Sandy testify

·      Schiff doing press conferences during the hearing

·      FBI arrested child sex offender-Nader

·      Jeffrey Epstein

·      Two guards indicted

·      Prince Andrew leaving public duties despite claims of innocence

·      Pope in Bangkok

·      Crowed Strike

·      Did Schiff get paid 7.5 mill?

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