Monday, November 18, 2019

The Stupidity of passing New York law that allows Pet Owners to bring their pets to restaurants and how they become second- class citizens

I've been a pet owner for most of my life.
  But, I would never think to bring my dog to a restaurant.  It's not right and it's not sanitary to do that to other people.  However, there's others, Liberal idiots mostly, who think it's a great idea.  However, these pet owners find themselves be treated differently than non-pet restaurant goers all because of a law that never should have been passed.   

NY Post reports a pup-friendly East Village eatery has a bone to pick with the city Health Department.

The restaurant, Boris & Horton, says that in yet another example of city regulations-gone-wild, it now can’t even display a menu in its animal-accommodating section, much less allow customers to order food from a waitress there.

Patrons still aren’t allowed to be served food or pick up their vitals in the pet-friendly section, but it was previously OK to at least order from a waitress with an iPad.

They can still order from their phones.
“It’s a bit ridiculous,’’ Liam Steele, 31, who was on the non-pet side of the eatery Sunday, said of the new edict.
Coppy Holzman, founder of the cafe on Avenue A at East 12th Street, was harsher

“It’s arbitrary, it’s contrived,’’ he said of the reg. DOH “can’t point to us where there’s a rule that we’re violating. It’s completely arbitrary, it’s completely inconvenient to our customers.”

A Health Department told The Post on Sunday that the agency must ensure that “food-service establishments are preparing and serving food in a safe and hygienic manner.

“Some entrepreneurs have created animal-friendly venues where food is brought in. But animals, other than service animals, cannot be inside a restaurant,” the spokesman said.

The eatery’s owners say their problems began when a health inspector visited the joint earlier this fal

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