Wednesday, November 6, 2019

X22 Report; Deep State Walked Right Into The Trap,Precedent Was Established,Epstein Coverup

·      Deep State struggling

·      Impeachment narrative falling apart

·      Patriots inflecting pain on the Deep Stae

·      Tables being turned

·      Stick a fork in Julian Castro

·      Biden still in trouble

·      MSM is being exposed

·      Hunter Biden had multiple contacts with Obama regime in 2016

·      Hunter, Joe, and Obama had discussions

·      MSM did not report

·      Schiff got nothing

·      Dem insiders behind closed doors admit there no quid pro quo

·      Jim Jordon said fundamental facts have not changed.

·      Selective leaks are being hammered on

·      Transparency is Kryptonite to Dep State plotters

·      Dems plans are backfiring   

·      Sen. Grassley have been trying to get info on Hillary private server for a long time

·      MSM and Deep Sate struggling to keep their narrative

·      ABC reporter Amy Roarbach had info on Epstein for 3 years

·      Story got killed by ABC execs

·      James O'Keefe broke story

·      MSM ran bogus stories on Kavnaugh but spiked real dirt on Epstein

·      MSM works to protect Deep State secrets

·      MSM works to cover up Deep State and central Banks crimes

·      Several arrested for child porn in Ohio

·      Real investigations take time

·      Beware of false flags

·      9 Americans killed by cartel in Mexico

·      CIA assists the same cartels

·      Drug sales funds CIA dark opps

·      This is why the Wall is needed

·      Trump and the Patriots making end roads


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